Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thirsty for more Pike?

Apparently Last Vampire is cool again?

Yeah, I started noticing last summer that some of my Goodreads buds had this Thirst compilation on their to-read lists. An investigation seemed necessary. Are Twihards stooping to this old-ass hexalogy to fulfill their need for vampire novels aimed at teens? And if so, why didn't High School Musical renew any interest in Last Act, DAMMIT?!

What's totally annoying is that back in '08 I made a hexalogy of visits to used book stores looking for a copy of Red Dice. If I had known I could simply order it from Amazon in '09, I would have retroactively not went into that one shop that was a maze of book-stacks piled to the ceiling with the creepy shopkeeper who kept crowding me toward a tiny closet filled with canned goods at the back of the store.

So, um, I guess I have to mention the blogging coma? Or can we just forget about it? Maybe I'm here alone now... is anybody listening? Ohoh, no reply at all. Ok, I'm rocking Genesis lyrics from '81. You totally have to love me. Or hate me. Or forsake me. All valid options.

Maybe give me a few weeks to get my shizzle together & get back into it & we'll talk then?


zanne said...

So glad to see you're still around! I was wondering about you. Funny that we both posted today.

Yeah, why didn't High School Musical renew interest in Last Act?! haha!

Anonymous said...

I finally read all of these--had only read up to three before, but my new library had the last three. God, they get really really bad and never pull out of the spiral.

Glad you're back! YAYYYY <3

marcelrochester said...

Thirst Vols. 1 & 2 are NYT bestsellers. I find Vol. 1 much, much better. Other favorites: Remember Me (only the first one), Falling, and #1 Season of Passage.

Coincidentally, Season of Passage is Pike's favorite book he's written. Aside from...the NEW books he's recently written/will write (and again, he said his least favorite are 4 of the last 5 YA books he released, so he doesn't just think he's always getting more awesome). Yep, thanks to the Thirst sales, new books are starting to come out, beginning with The Secret of Ka, his first YA thriller since '99. He says a few of them he hopes will become series.

And...he's writing new Sita books. Which is kind of weird since #6 ended perfectly, but um okay I guess. For the most part, I don't think he knows how to sustain series without ruining the originals, but maybe he's gotten better in the decade-long interim. I'll read them all anyway.

Sadako said...

I'm still here! Glad to see you're thinking of returning. Yours is one of my faves.

Sada said...

YES! I have missed you and your '81 Genesis lyrics. Seriously.

CarrieLives said...

Glad you're back...and I will be the Happiest Little Pike Fan Ever if you recap Spellbound soon. :)

Unknown said...

I just found this blog and rediscovered my Pike love a few months ago, so I'm thrilled to see you're back.

I'd also totally love a Spellbound recap. :)

ArielJoy said...

I'm so sad about the new Sita books. Book six ended perfect. More to the point, perhaps, it ended in a way that seemed to mean there couldn't be anymore sequels! Doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I hear he's writing three more books in the series, which doesn't even make sense, considering the end of six...

ShopGirlXOXO said...

Hey! I have been trying to find the name of a Christopher Pike book and I just cant remember anything about it except for there is a short story at the beginning about him in high school and that he had a crush on a girl but never told her and then found out after that she had a crush on him.....any help??? please!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please come back! I miss your updates! I've been trying to remember one of his books - it's about this girl who comes to live with a family, and seems "off" somehow - it turns out her soul got switched with the awareness of a bird (a hawk or something) when she was in Africa. Does that sound familiar at all?

Anonymous said...

I was mostly thrilled with THIRST 3...I like how it explains certain things we think are impossible. I do not like how it ends by using a plot device used in another series & some other stories. I hated THIRST 4 for basically ending the same way the series ended 15 years before.

I actually LOVE the Remember Me trilogy. Something really connected with me...just hoping that he never writes more.

Anonymous said...

The Execution of Innocence, The Grave, and Magic Fire are three of my least favorite Pike books.

1. Execution of Innocence feels rushed, and the villains big secret at the end comes out of nowhere.

2. I liked the first chapter of The Grave. I think the mistake made after that is using the name John, which many fans probably related to The Last Vampire.

3. Magic Fire - all I remember is that we spend the novel thinking someone is a pyromaniac only to find out some mysterious drug is involved.

Anonymous said...

My favorites:

1. Remember Me is the first Pike book I read, and it holds a place in my heart that has never been matched. I was thrilled when he wrote 2 and 3--which I actually enjoyed.

2. The Last Vampire series (1-6) is better if read together. But I prefer 1, 2, and 5.

3. Chain Letter 2 has one of the most symbolic climaxes that I read in college (17 years ago) and everyone I talked to said it made them cry...even men that usually tried to act all macho. I would love a third book because that would feel more complete. If Pike has plans for a finale, my only hope is that he does not set it several years later.

4. The Immortal is a wonderful take on Greek mythology, and I want to read the whole story that the father is writing.

5. SPOILER ALERT! The scariest book Pike ever wrote is The Eternal Enemy. While a lot of people saw an optimistic conclusion, I feel telling people who want The Eternal Enemy 2 just to read this book again.

6. I am one of few fans that prefer The Listeners over The Season of Passage. In The Season of Passage, I really only liked the story told in Jenny Wagner's journal.

I have not read Cold One or Falling...and I think Sati and Blind Mirror would have been better as young adult novels. Sati is my recommendations of these two. It only lacks in the final few chapters.

Hannah M. said...

Ha. I remember reading this back in junior high when I was obsessed with Pike books. I don't remember much about them, so I should possibly re-read them? Hopefully they are better than the Twilight crap or I will feel much more ashamed of my adolescent reading experience than I currently do.

Also, Wikipedia tells me the series was optioned for a movie? So, yay, maybe.

Lord Mark said...
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