Monday, July 28, 2008

Pike Book List

Slumber Party (1985)
Weekend (1986)
Chain Letter (1986)
The Tachyon Web (1986)
Last Act (1988)
Spellbound (1988)
Gimme a Kiss (1988)
Scavenger Hunt (1989)
Fall into Darkness (1990)
See You Later (1990)
Sati (1990)
Witch (1990)
Die Softly (1991)
Bury Me Deep (1991)
Whisper of Death (1991)
Chain Letter 2: The Ancient Evil (1992)
Master of Murder (1992)
Monster (1992)
The Season of Passage (1992)
Road to Nowhere (1993)
The Eternal Enemy (1993)
The Immortal (1993)
The Wicked Heart (1993)
The Midnight Club (1994)
The Listeners (1994)
The Cold One (1994)
The Lost Mind (1995)
The Visitor (1995)
The Starlight Crystal (1995)
The Star Group (1997)
Execution of Innocence (1997)
Hollow Skull (1998)
Magic Fire (1998)
The Grave (1999)
The Blind Mirror (2003)
Falling (2007)

Final Friends: The Party (1988)
Final Friends: The Dance (1988)
Final Friends: The Graduation (1989)

Remember Me (1989)
Remember Me 2: The Return (1992)
Remember Me 3: The Last Story (1994)

The Last Vampire (1994)
The Last Vampire 2: Black Blood (1994)
The Last Vampire 3: Red Dice (1995)
The Last Vampire 4: Phantom (1996)
The Last Vampire 5: Evil Thirst (1996)
The Last Vampire 6: Creatures of Forever (1996)

Alosha (2004)
Alosha Trilogy 2: The Shaktra (2005)
Alosha Trilogy 3: The Yanti (2006)

Tales of Terror (1997)
  • Death of Despair
  • The Fan from Hell
  • Last Dawn
  • Timespell
  • Revenge
  • Dark Walk

Tales of Terror #2 (1998)

The Secret Path (1995)
Creature in the Teacher (1996)
The Thing in the Closet (1997)

Phone Fear (1998)


MaybeSomeday said...

Looking forward to the 'Final Friends' trilogy. I read the first and last book -- always wondered what I missed in book 2.

Anonymous said...

There are used copies available on I've tried bidding on a few lots of Christopher Pike books but I've yet to win any since I don't want to spend a fortune. The library seems to have gotten rid of all his books except the adult ones, and I haven't found a used book store around here yet.

Looking forward to your future recaps!

Happy said...

I just recently found the hollow skull in my local used bookstore (it's interesting - I think you might have a lot to say about it). I am planning on making another trip there soon and if i find another copy i'll pick up one for you. if not .. maybe I can let you "borrow" mine for a while?

In the meantime, i'll keep my eyes wide open for a second copy.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the Grave and the Hollow Skull at

LongWinter said...

I'm so twitchy about shopping online. I don't completely trust the Amazon marketplace, plus it's $9.00-ish to ship one book, but that's what I'll probably have to do.

I've heard of PaperBackSwap, but when I checked their website, they won't let Canadians in (yet).

Glittergirley - If you do end up with a second copy of Hollow Skull somehow, email me: jayebee AT hotmail dot com and maybe we can arrange a lend/sale/trade of some sort. Thanks and you're the best.

Anonymous said...

I found all 3 at my library. The Grave is one of my top 5 standalone YA Pike books; the ending is really quite neat. The Hollow Skull sucks. Execution of Innocence is another variation on Fall Into Darkness, and as with all the books that are similar to it, not nearly as good as FID.

And to above poster: You missed nothing in Final Friends 2. The 3rd one was the only good one, and the only one where I didn't hate the characters. I just really resent the resolution of the mystery and don't see how it deserves 3 books.

Kat said...

All three of them are available at -- all you have to do is list a few books you would be willing to trade (the whole book-trading racket is great fun anyway, if you have a few books you don't want lying around.)

There is a copy of Hollow Skull available in Canada, so you wouldn't even have to trade extra credits. I'd definitely recommend checking it out!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have vague recollections of a few of the Pike books in particular, and would love to read recaps (or even re-read the books themselves!) but I can't remember the titles! One had to do with some goody-goody girl making a deal with the devil for huge boobs or something. The other one I'm thinking of had something to do with Native American shamans and their ability to send their souls outside their bodies, or something. Anyone know what I'm talking about? The other one I remember vividly is The Midnight Club...I loved that book! I'd love to see a recap of any of those.

dorito addict said...

I have both Execution of Innocenece and Hollow skull, so if you are interested, maybe we can do a book swap, say those two for two final friends, maybe? I'm also a canadian girl, so if we have to ship them, it won't be too expensive...

LongWinter said...

Dorito Addict: Hey, thanks. I am in the process of mooching both on Bookmooch, but if that falls through and I don't get them, we'd definitely be able to arrange a trade. And yay! I'm glad there are some Canadians who occasionally show up here!!

Alanna Foell said...

I went home to visit my parents this weekend and looked in my bookcase because I had a sneaking suspicion that I had some good YA novels back there- imagine my surprise when I found about 12 Pike novels and close to 30(didn't count 'em, just guessing) other random ones.
I picked up on, Witch, to read... and it amazingly wasn't as terrible as I thought it might be. .... hopefully you can read it and recap with all the snarky comments I wish I could have found!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I read the crap out of Christopher Pike back in the day.

When are you gonna do some Last Vampire?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the one about shamans & all the soul-switcharoo was Spellbound. I just re-read this last week & could not get over how spectacularly bad it was. I was embarrassed for my pre-teen self, who thought it was omgamazing. I'm looking forward to the re-cap of this one.

Alanna Foell said...

A while back I was at Chapters and happened to see "Falling" in the discount books section for like, $5. I bought it and amazingly it wasn't too bad at all! Not at all like C.P's "YA" stuff. If you can get your hands on a copy I'd recommend!

Alanna Foell said...

A while back I was at Chapters and happened to see "Falling" in the discount books section for like, $5. I bought it and amazingly it wasn't too bad at all! Not at all like C.P's "YA" stuff. If you can get your hands on a copy I'd recommend!

Anonymous said...

Im looking for what i think is a christopher pike book... the cover has and old scary house, i read it when i was in middle school about 9yrs ago.. The main character was described as having long orange gold hair... she was pale... at some point she had broken her leg... i belive either her sister or a friend was trying to get rid of her.. any ideas any 1..
its all i remember .. thanx in advance

eawhit02 said...

I have been a huge Christopher Pike fan ever since I read his first book (and I really don't remember which it is)! Of all of his books, no other two have touched me a much as The Starlight Crystal or The season of Passage! Crystal is an awesome book about birth, rebirth, death, lost and found love and a whole wide scope of things. Season of Passage is my favorite book in the whole world! I absolutely love everything about it and for the teen books that I reread later and kinda couldn't believe he had wrote them, this books makes up for them entirely! To anyone reading this who has not read that particular book, I suggest you go and find a copy NOW! It's one of the easier to find has it (I think) and Barnes and Nobles almost always has at least one or two copies! I've read it eight times and never get tired of reading it-such cannot be said for other books I've read. The only book he ever wrote that I thought really really sucked was The Blind Mirror! Like I said I'm a huge CP fan, but when I read that I couldn't beleive he could write such a crappy book. Don't read it, it's not worth it. One more quick thing, if you are into reading, check out Kim Harrisons Rachel Morgan series! They are totally kick butt and there are several of them already out-enough to keep you entertained until CP finally decides to write another book! Also, he was supposed to write a sequel to The Cold One-if anybody has any info on whether or not he ever did, I would really appreciate the input-been waiting many years now...

ShopGirlXOXO said...

I will admit some of the Christopher Pike books were rather childish but some were much better than others. I think I read at least fifteen of his books when I was younger I couldnt tell you anything about any of them except for my rememberance of the titles and instant oh yeahs when I read the summaries. But, Starlight Crystal is one of the best books that I have ever read. I just love that book. Also, Ive been trying to find out the title of a CP book I read a very long time ago. All I can remember is at the very beginning there is a short story, presumably about the author in high school. He has a crush on a girl throughout school but never tells her and then when he is moving or leaving she gives him a note proffessing her love for him. Anybody know which book I am talking about???? Its just driving me crazy trying to find out.

bluieful said...

I'm really a big fan of Pike since I learned to read. I just finished reading Execution of Innocence, it was ok, i've guess who killed who but there's still a twist but the end was like "uhmm what?.." :)) it was like The Weekend except the Weekend was sooo much better. @longwinter: it seems like you haven't read Monster and Wicked Heart? Monster is one of my fave Pike books! it has a strong plot and a bit of history in it. I highly recommend reading it. actually i have two copies of it. if only you live nearby I can give one to you :) Wicked Heart I have to purchase online (Facebook) all i can say is the story is so dark and sort of have a basis of what happened in real life that i have nightmares after reading it (I'm 23 already) it wasn't really scary but kind of like evil that after reading it you start thinking stuff :)) I really recommend those two. See You Later is also good. have the Starlight Crystal-ish thing but way better. I also love the Last Act. Now, for the books i hate! :) Starlight Crystal would be first (sorry), Whisper of Death (i dont know maybe i just dont get the whole point), Road to Nowhere (really led me nowhere!). Oh and really really love the Last Vampire saga :)

Unknown said...

could you do road to nowhere, please? read it as a kid and i cant seem to find it anywhere

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog but you should really write about the other the Last Vampire books, they were really good!