Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pop Culture Confessions: Full House Edition (Plus More!)

A Few Things...

1) My First Full House Memory

Full House was a huge part of my life growing up. I remember the first time I ever watched it. Like, not the exact episode (I friggin' wish!), but the scenario. One Friday night in 1989, my mom was putting me to bed. Then, from downstairs - a beautiful sound! The Full House theme song! I asked what it was, and Mom told me it was a show called Full House, and that I could stay up to watch it if I wanted! From then on, I never missed an episode of Full House on TGIF. The move to Tuesdays in '91 ('92?) kinda killed it for me, so I stayed caught up with the syndicated episodes weeknights at 6 o'clock, 6:30 in Newfoundland (haha, li'l Canadian joke for East Coasters).

2) Backstory: A co-worker recently got married in an airplane, and then she and the groom parachuted to the ground. Our local newspaper did a story on it, but, upon googling the couples' names, I found that a lot of other newspapers had carried the story too. And not just in Canada (some American ones too!).

I mentioned what a big story it was to another co-worker, and this is what followed:

Her: "Why?"

Me: "I guess it's a big deal when people jump out of airplanes to get married."

Her: (staring silently)

Me: (babbling nervously) "Yeah, I thought it was common enough that it wouldn't be big news, but I guess maybe it's jumping out of a plane before you get married that's so popular. (pause) Like Uncle Jesse. (long pause) On Full House."

Her: (staring silently... 3... 2... 1... walks away, with no look of disgust or anything, just no possible way to relate to/answer me)

Me: "With the tomato truck??"

This is why I keep my gob shut, like, all the time. I can't say anything, ever, about any of the stuff I enjoy, or every conversation I have ends like that. There's so much stuff that's off limits for me. Like, if you enjoy one lame thing, that's ok. If you enjoy every lame thing, no one will ever forgive you. And by "you", I mean me.

3) My "Ways To Seem Normal" Reference Guide:

  • don't talk to people about life lessons learned from Little House on the Prairie/confess to having childhood crush on Michael Landon
  • don't use Peanuts comics to prove a point
  • don't mention Breaker High (ever!)
  • never list Billboard Hot 100 #1s by year/tell someone the #1 song on the day he or she was born... from memory
  • Gummi Bears, Smurfs, and Stop the Smoggies are like Gummi - Don't you dare!, Go Smurf Yourself, and Stop (yourself before you say anything about) The Smoggies. (That last one was just like a Shania Twain song title. & by that, I mean that she often uses parentheses in her song titles. Beyond often. Obsessively. Actually, all punctuation. I think I saw a semi-colon once. Check it out if you don't believe me.)

So I'm pretty much a joke on wheels. Except the wheels part. I liked him on Degrassi, though. Even with the treacherous hairdo/embarrassingly tight jeans.

Also, it was great to see, from the reponses to my Sweet Valley ("Why, yes, I do talk to myself and live in an imaginary world, got a problem with it?") Confession, that I am not the only person who is this way/does stuff like this. Maybe I'm in the wrong line of blogging. Actually, I'm only wasting time with all this nonsense because there aren't extremely many Christopher Pike books to blog about.

A few recent comments have inspired me to put together a complete Pike book list, so I'll post that early next week.

Oh, and: if you don't have a favorite Christopher Pike book, may I suggest Remember Me? We can talk about it more on Thursday, if you wanna.


Anonymous said...

Ahaha, Breaker High! Isn't that the one with the high school on a cruise ship? I really loved that show and I was really disappointed that they cancelled it! I had a crush on Kyle Alisharan (I can't believe I remember his name) and I really thought the relationship that he and that snooty redhead was really cute. Also, this was the first I ever saw of Ryan Gosling. XD

Not sure how old you are, but have you ever watched the shows Swans Crossing and Fifteen? Classic teenage shows, if you ask me (I didn't really watch DeGrassi High since I don't think I had the channel it was on). I wish all of these shows were put on DVD because I'd be in heaven.

Love this entry and the rest of your blog. Keep on smurfing! ^_^

Kate Enge said...

Remember me is one of my favorite Pike books.

Scary as this sounds, I think I might have seen an episode of Stop the Smoggies in British Columbia on a family trip.

(This is verified after some googling and vauge recollection of one of the character's hair. I think she reminded me of an old Pebbles Flintstone at the time.)


LongWinter said...

Makana - I preferred Scott Vickaryous ("Max") out of all the guys, but of course I loved Ryan Gosling too. He was the *funniest* on the show. I looked up Swans Crossing and Hillside, I think they're a little too old for me. I was born mid-80s, and those looked like early 90s shows?? I guess Fifteen was called "Hillside" in Canada and that sounds familiar, but I don't think I ever watched it. I'll have to check youtube or to see if I can find any clips.

Kate: Ha, that's awesome. I forget her name, but the one with all the red hair and the asymmetrical white dress? Yeah, I get a total grown-up Pebbles vibe too. That show was aired at 7 AM for years, so I watched it every morning while I got ready for school.

colleenn said...

You just made a Wheels reference. That is seriously the coolest thing ever. My friend and I had a private joke involving Voula of the junior high years when we were around 12 or so. The episode was dated by then, but we still loved it.

Just this past Friday I watched the youtube clip of Jesse and Rebecca's wedding on Full House when he sings "Forever" to her and they do the little slide-show of their baby photos. And I embarrassed myself my tearing up a little.

Anonymous said...

I watched both Swan's Crossing & Fifteen and loved both!

My sister and I quote Full House ALL the time. Last night I was at my parents' house. I had made cupcakes earlier and my mom asked my dad to bring her one from the kitchen. So naturally I said "Can I have that cupcake please?" (as a joke, remember Michelle & the Polite Police?) My mom goes "No! Get your own!" haha. I told her I was quoting Full House but she didn't think it was funny. Now if it were my sister, we would have acted out the whole scene... ha!

Remember Me is one of my favorite Pike books! I actually remember quite a bit of it.

MaybeSomeday said...

I personally think we are long lost twins because we like so many of the same things. Your co-worker must have a sad life not to remember Jesse and the tomato truck.