Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where did you learn to binge-eat like that?

Yeah, I've heard that question before. Like when Usher and Chilli broke up and I spent the weekend drinking, crying, and binge eating. Or that time when the cable went out right before TV Bingo came on. Talk about disappointment.

Well, whenever I get asked, the answer is always the same: "Hello! Sleepover Friends!" I have fond memories of these books. I remember reading one to my little brother when he was in the hospital once. I don't think he was a fan. It was the one where it was Horace's birthday or something and they made a cake, but it fell and had a huge crack in it, so they made it into a prehistoric cake with dinosaurs and stuff on it. Is anyone still with me??

Let me get to the point, half-dozen regulars. Frequent commenter Zanne has started a blog to recap these fine books. Apparently there are more than 30 books in the series, which is kinda news to me. I don't remember reading that many when I was younger, so I am very much looking forward to reading the recaps.

So, check it out everyone: Sleepover Friends Forever.

Stay tuned, btw, for Remember Me 3: The Last Story (thank friggin' God) to be posted tomorrow.


zanne said...

Thanks so much! I appreciate it! I actually just read that book with the dinosaur cake! How funny. I know, it's crazy how much those girls eat. I am tempted to make Lauren's special dip, and of course drink gallons of Dr Pepper. I wonder if these books are to blame for my love of Dr Pepper?!

LongWinter said...

No problem :)
Which one was that with the cake, btw? It's been bugging me for a while. My Sleepover Friends collection was damaged in the great basement flood of '99. Serves me right, they shouldn't have been down there anyway. Many Sweet Valley Twins books also perished.

zanne said...

It was in #7, Stephanie Strikes Back. I don't have any of my original books--my parents got rid of them all. I bought some on ebay & my mom got me a couple at a used book sale. I'm hoping to get the whole series eventually.

Fear Street said...

YAY. These books make my stomach hurt, though...too much foooood.