Friday, August 8, 2008

Sometimes I Write Songs

BWAH HA HA!! The joke is on me. UPDATE: AUG 19/08 = The comments are back on that post. I hope no one thinks I'm crazy now.

Reader: "Woo hoo - unscheduled bonus material!!!!" (hahahahaha, yeah right... unsolicited more like)

(roughly to the tune of the hoe-down on 'Whose Line is it Anyway?')

Blogger erased all the comments
On my post of Tuesday last
I am not a fan of that
It makes me kind of sad

There's no proper contact form
And the forums are a joke
I just want my comments back
Or I will sit and mope

Blogger, why'd you do it to me?
I'm gonna make you pay
Maybe I will switch to Wordpress
I hear it's better anyway

(all together): Better annnny-waaaayyyyyy

And, because real comments can disappear, I'm putting a selection of expected comments in this post:

"An original work of masterful lyricism..." - anonymous
"...girly angst at its best..." - ShariCooper
"Where can I buy the album?" - TheScaretaker


So, I'm looking through my shit and I notice that the comments on my google post have disappeared. Not a big deal in the scheme of the world, I know, but I don't like it. Shit like that shouldn't happen. God, what next? My fecking posts go missing?? I can't trust you anymore, B. Can't trust you AT ALL.



Anonymous said...

I noticed the comments were gone from that post. I thought maybe you had deleted them yourself. Your posts better not start disappearing!

zanne said...

Hey- I started up my own recapping website, for the Sleepover Friends books. I added your blog to my list. Hope that is ok! If you would like to add mine to your list, that would be great! Thanks!