Saturday, November 1, 2008

Book List Update

Hey, remember how back on the old Book List post there were always a few books I couldn't find?

Not anymore!!

Check this out: Hollow Skull, generously provided by reader Kelly. She mailed it to me - internationally even! - and I want to gratefully acknowledge her kindness. Thank you, Kelly!

Aaaaaaand: Execution of Innocence. I ordered this copy from Bookmooch and it was a splendid experience.

So, that's it. Every Christopher Pike YA and adult book will eventually show up on here. I'm sure I'll be Pike-blogging until mid-'09 at least. Hurrah!


SilverSparkles said...

Yay! I'm happy for you!

And happy for me that you can continue with your reviews yayyyy!!

sundae_mourning said...

yay, Execution of Innocence! That's definitely one of my favorite Pike books...i infinitely prefer the real-life mystery type ones as opposed to the supernatural ones. any chance you'll do Master of Murder?

i just recently found your blog, but i am *so* happy that i did!

Anonymous said...

That is way cool. I've never heard of Execution of Innocence. Is it any good?