Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Google Hits: The Raunchy Remix

So, apparently this blog is raunch-tastic. Blame Christopher Pike, I guess. I mean, I'm not some pervy person trying to attract creeps to my blog. Certainly not! But it seems like whenever they hit me up Google-style, it's from a sexual search term.

Searches, Sexual

* Shena's sex tape

* massage hidden camera blogspot com

* locker room showering together

* There was even one - jeez, I probably shouldn't even... ehhhh, you guy(s) don't judge - that was like: "preteen erotic stories". I don't remember if that's it exactly, and my stats thingy doesn't save stuff for more than, like, five days, but it was creepy. Trust me, Like Pike does NOT want to be associated AT ALL with the kind of sites that you're gonna see in "preteen erotic stories" search results.


90s-Related Searches

* the 90s had no culture

* 90's pop bands.. backstreet boys, nsync, etc.

* song in the philippines 90's foreign songs

* 90's lame music

* embarresing pop culture of the 90's

* creative homemade backstreet boy t shirts

* backstreet boys bed sheets

Ok, question: is there REALLY so little written about Backstreet Boys on the internet that my freaking blog with one BSB-related post has to show up in the results? That's sad. It kinda makes me want to do a BSB blog side project and scan all my pin-ups and articles and, like, gossip about who's cutest in each pic! OMG! That would be sooooo aweso- ...actually, on second thought, who would be the target audience for a blog like that??... Ohhhhh. Only me.



* trapped in kitchen scavenger hunt movie

* falling into hell clip

* betty sue abortion
This could have been a legit Whisper of Death inquiry, but the person didn't stick around at all. I checked out the search, and I liked one of the other site descriptions that was like, "Get your abortion advice here, not from some Betty Sue down the street". I don't know why I like that, but I do.

I just thought this one was cute!

* in remember me 2: the return are peter and shari still together?

And, my fave:

* ya lit and scaffolding
What the hell was the desired result here? Like, a list of instances of scaffolding in young adult novels? Would that even ever exist? Too bizarre. I don't really consider the inclusion of scaffolding to be such a high point that I actively look for it in books.

Anyways, Thursday is Final Friends Book 1: The Party. OMG, it is sooooo not as awesome as I remembered. See ya!


BananaBomb said...

How did you find this stuff out?

Any yellow and green outfits yet? :p

Anonymous said...

scaffolding is an educational term - literally building knowledge. So the person searching wasn't looking for construction scaffolding- just looking for books which may relate or build on one another to enhance their students' knowledge. Just thought I would try to solve the mystery for you!

Anonymous said...

woooohoooo! i think the bsb blog featuring pics/retrospective snark/and ashamed yet not drooling would be awesome!

yay final friends soon :) i am almost finished the trilogy and am interested in hearing your worthy view :D

poppet x

LongWinter said...

Hey BB - I have a hit counter html thingy plugged into my layout and it tells me where my hits come from, ie other blogs' blogrolls, or google, or... um, that's about it. I also get a map of what countries the hits are from. That's my favourite part! You should totally get something like that for your blog! I use Statcounter.com, but there are probably tons/better ones out there. No yellow/green in The Party yet, but lots of white pants...

Anon - That was the nicest possible way to not make me feel like a dumbass. Thank you. Normally I would be embarrassed, delete my blog, and kill myself. I guess no one took enough interest in my vocab scaffolding as a youngster, and I only associate the word with vinyl siding!

Poppet - Aw, thanks! I'm going to ask for a new scanner for Christmas... maybe I'll have a new blog project for 2009! Squeeee!!!

zanne said...

That is hilarious stuff. I wonder if my blog would turn up anything fun. I need to look into this!

I have never heard of scaffolding as an educational term! I was thinking along the same lines as you with scaffolding references in ya lit. ha!

I am looking forward to Final Friends!

Anonymous said...

I'm in grad school for elementary ed- so I hear it all the time, but certainly never before I started my courses! I doubt as a teacher I would ever say- ok we are scaffolding now =)

BananaBomb said...

Will look into that, thanks. I figured that's what you were talking about, but I'm pretty stupid when it comes to computer stuff.

If you deleted your blog, it would mean that someone else would have to start one and it would never be half as good as yours so stick around and torture us with bad mystical dreams and slutty cheerleaders, please.