Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Google-y Searchable

I've seen other blogs put together lists of Google searches that lead people to their site, so I thought I'd publicize mine, too. For most of these, I understand why that lead the Google searcher here, because I wrote all this shit and I know what it all says, I just think it's funny/weird/cute that someone was Googling that in the first place.

It makes me laugh that Like Pike is way easier to find on google.com than google.ca. In Canada, there are about a million fishing websites before you get to anything involving not fishing. And that is... sadly, exactly what I would expect.

- how to make a basement into the perfect slumber party room
I'm imagining a little outcast trying waaaay to hard to impress some of her school friends. My advice? Avoid Ouija boarding.

- fear street blogger beware
This cracked me up. My freakin' blogroll! Well, whoever's got awesome taste in blogs, hope s/he found what s/he was looking for.

- pictures of andy gibb in tight pants
I'll tell you where to find them if you tell me why you want them.

- slumber party tied up

- what do pike like
It's either fish or weird grammar.

- what was that film, where an alien women visits earth and uses a pool table to lay out her galaxy
Comma in a search term?

- upper frontals
On Match Game, Fannie Flagg, Marcia Wallace, and other #6 seat ladies always referred to breasts as "upper frontals". I checked this search and apparently upper frontals is only used regarding dinosaurs and prehistoric birds, which, like, don't even have breasts. I'm baffled.

- like a pop it on the street
Pop it like it's hot. / (condescending tone): "Did you mean to search for 'poppet'?"

- "get shot to death" actress
I didn't read about that on Perez.

Don't forget: Remember Me 2: The Return - Thursday on Like Pike! I want to be all scathe-wise, but I don't know how.


colleenn said...

That is so cool... how do you find a list of what people were searching that led them to your site? I doubt I have many yet at all since my blog is so new, but it would be fun to see.

Anonymous said...

How do you find this out? It's pretty cool. It's funny to see the things people google.

I didn't even think of fish! ha

Afraid of the Dark said...

I'm kinda sad that the only google searches that lead people to my blog have all been AYAOTD related. Come on, people! Search for creepy porn and stumble upon my blog, already!

Also, I am slightly disturbed that people are willingly sleeking photos of Andy Gibb in tight pants.

Afraid of the Dark said...

Also, I use commas in search term. Actually, that one could have been from me. mY searches usually sounds like I'm trying to strike up a conversation with google.

LongWinter said...

Colleenn - It comes with my hit counter. I use the free statcounter.com one, but there are other/probably way better ones out there too.

Zanne - Until I started this blog, the fish was my brain's #1 result when I thought of pike. I was watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie recently (don't know if you're a fan, sorry I'm rambling), where Mr Edwards and Grace Snyder were having a conversation about pike. "Oh, I love pike." "If you like pike, you'll have to come for supper." etc. It would make an awesome advertisement and combine 2 of my faves.

AotD - I love that. Like: "Hey, Google, do you know anything about, say, good chili recipes?... you do!!! Gee, thanks, Mr Google!!"