Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pop Culture Confessions: Sweet Valley Edition

Sweet Valley Confession

When I was younger (circa. age 10), I wanted to be Lila Fowler. I mean, why not? She was rich, had a cool car, lots of boytoys, and one of the best snarky personalities ever.

Taking it slightly further, I used to pretend I was Lila. My bike was the lime green Triumph, which I would ride around the neighbourhood talking to myself as though I were giving a fictional entourage a tour of the estate.

I don't know if Fowler Crest had a vineyard, but I grew up next to a cornfield, which I referred to as "the vineyard".

After a few months of fantasy, I realized that I could never be Lila. But I could play her! In my mind, I was cast as Lila in the TV series, and I did imaginary interviews with the newsmedia on how awesome it was to have been chosen for the role. I acted out scenes, like, all the time. Particularly while walking home from the bus stop. My mom would catch me walking up the street talking to myself and make fun of me while I did my homework.

Anyone else ever do anything like this?

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MilkMan said...

Oh my GOD it is such a relief to know that I'm not the only person who ever talked to themselves conducting fake interviews, scenarios and whatnots. There's at least 2 of us!

LongWinter said...

You have no idea how much better your comment makes me feel!

Do you ever still do imaginary interviews, like alone in your car? You know, accepting awards and stuff? Uh... me neither. Gotta go~!

MilkMan said...

Hahaha totally! I think I'll do them til I die but atleast when I'm older they'll chalk it up to senility.

Um, hrmph, I mean no. No I don't. That would be silly.

MaybeSomeday said...

Um, I've done running commentaries when I'm cooking, like I'm Rachael Ray or someone but not nearly as annoying. I hope.

Afraid of the Dark said...

I used to have a fake radio show in my bedroom. I interviewed the BSC once a week, along with Paula Abdul and Color Me Bad. I also used to pretend I was janet Jackson. For some reason I was always Janet Jackson getting on a bus and dancing for the driver.
Harder to admit, as I'm 25 years old now and still pulling similar shenanigans: when I'm in the car as a passenger I narrate things in my head as if I'm a character in a movie. And the music on the radio is of course, the soundtrack.I'll even change the song if It doesn't fit my "narration". I think I need to get out more!

BTW, I hope you don't mind that I linked to you on my blog.

colleenn said...

I'm a loser. I always liked Elizabeth Wakefield because she was a nerdy writer. I also read the "Twins" middle-school series much more extensively than the racier high school series. I don't know what was wrong with me.

My friends and I in first and second grade used to pretend we were either (1) a new all-girls version of the New Kids on the Block or (2) the super-lucky fans who would get picked out of the audience during "Cover Girl" to dance with Donnie Wahlberg. Usually the two fantasies could meld together nicely, with us first getting picked out of the crowd for Cover Girl and then thereby getting "discovered" and forming our own group. And we'd sit in my room and play the tapes, singing along and alternating who got to be the "lead singer" and who got to be the "backup." And we'd make up dances to the songs too. yeah.

Anonymous said...

I lived about two miles from school, and when I would be walking home on really hot summery days I would pretend to be different book characters. Yeah. In high school. I would be Anne of Green Gables, running after Gilbert; or one of the sisters from Ruth Elwin Harris' "Sisters of Quantock Hills" series, playing an important role in keeping war time England afloat.

You're very much not alone.