Tuesday, July 8, 2008


PIKErocosm (noun) - the world, as contained in, or described by the novels of Christopher Pike

During my recent studies, I have identified several characteristics, or "hallmarks", of the PIKErocosm.

Please note that this list is incomplete, and may also be used as a drinking game (one drink per instance) if you have a copy of a Christopher Pike novel, preferably published in the 1980s, and an adequate supply of alcohol on hand for your experiment. Each entry on the list is accompanied by the numerical percent chance it has of appearing in the previous five posted novels.

List of novels studied: Slumber Party, Chain Letter, Chain Letter 2, Gimme A Kiss, Weekend, Last Act (study incomplete)

Set in the 1980s - 100%
School plays - 33%
Banana splits - 33%
Revenge - 83%
Isolated dwellings - 67%
Cool telephone tricks - 33%
David Bowie - 33%
Watersports - 33%
Charades - 33%
Someone is drugged, or otherwise made unconscious, and wakes up in another location (two drinks if it's a basement) - 50%
Urine - 33%
Beer & homemade cookies - 33%
Exploding buildings - 33%
Rich person teaches a poor person a sport - 33%
Rich people with fancy cars - 50%
House fires - 50%

In addition, teenagers afflicted with disease or medical ailments can be found with a frequency rivaling Lurlene McDaniel. Burn victims, fake diabetes, arthroscopic knee surgery, cancer, kidney failure, diarrhea, paralysis. When we enter the 90s with future postings, my hypothesis is that plots involving the supernatural will become more frequent, as diseases and illnesses are mentioned fewer times.

A Note About Your Hostess Bonus
As youngsters, when we were mentally obsessed with Weekend, my friends and I called Flynn "Phlegm". I think it was because we assumed he would have a froggy Englishman voice like David Beckham or Ashley Peacock on Coronation Street.

Last Act soon!


MaybeSomeday said...

Yeah, what was his deal with Charades?

So, so thrilled you are doing Last Act next! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is so late; I just discovered your blog.

The one thing I noticed in almost all the Pike books were suspiciously absent parents. They were either dead or they were over-the-road truckers or something. Serves to advance the plot without pesky rules and groundings and stuff, I guess.